California Sidecar Trikes

April 18, 2009 by admin 

California Sidecar Trike
The California Sidecar Company is a leading manufacturer of motorcycle sidecars, trailers and trikes. The company has authorized dealers across the US and Canada where the trike conversions can be made. The California Sidecar trike kits will be installed by one of the factory trained dealers.

There is no welding involved with California Sidecar trikes conversions-it is a completely bolt-on installation.

California Sidecar trikes are ’sporty’ trikes that are engineered for performance. They have highly styled and modern bodies and super-sharp accessories that distinguish them from other Trikes.

California Sidecar Trike conversions inspire confidence on dry, wet or challenging roads. With a California Sidecar Trike conversion, you will get the absolute top performance, incredible comfort and the most innovative and beautifully styled trike kits on the market. Once you have the conversion made to your motorcycle, you’ll never want to go back to just two wheels again. Riding a California Sidecar trike is great fun, without the worry of tipping over, leaning too far, etc. The wide backend makes you feel totally connected to the asphalt so you can concentrate on the important things- like the scenery and your relaxation.

There are several types of California Sidecar trikes available for both the Honda and Harley motorcycles. The Honda versions of the California Sidecar trikes include the GL 1800 Cobra, the GL 1500 Sport, the Valkyrie and the Valkyrie Interstate.

The California Sidecar trike conversions offered for Harley Davidson motorcycles is the FL Series Daytona.

The California Sidecar Sport Trike has a body that complements the design and curves of the Honda Goldwing and has superb suspension that matches the Goldwing’s performance.

The California Sidecar Daytona is a new concept in trikes for Harley Davidson as it was created specifically for the Harley and is engineered for performance.

The body of the trike is styled to blend into the motorcycle’s style. Once the conversion has been completed, you’d swear that the trike rolled right off the assembly line at the motorcycle manufacturer. They truly look that good!

No matter which conversion you choose, rest assured that because it’s a California Sidecar trike conversion, you’ll get only the best.