Can-Am Spyder Trikes

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Can-Am Spyder
Companies everywhere are trying to invent or reinvent the transportation industry. Cam-Am is attempting to change the way the world views the open-road riding experience with the Spyder Roadster. Read more

Suzuki Trikes

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Sukuzi Trike
Do you have an older model Suzuki Intruder sitting in the garage that you haven’t climbed on in a couple of years? Or maybe you have an newer Suzuki motorcycle and you’re at the point in your life that you’re just not as comfortable as you used to be a few years ago when you rode. Read more

Harley Davidson Trikes

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Harley Trike
Are you a Harley Davidson groupie and love anything Harley Davidson makes on two wheels? Would you love to own a Harley but are not sure if it’s going to be ‘too much’ motorcycle for you to handle? Read more

Yamaha Trikes

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Yamaha Trike
If you own a Yamaha motorcycle and want the stability of three wheels, you can convert your cycle into a Yamaha Trike by purchasing a trike conversion kit that is specifically designed to fit your Yamaha. Whether you have a 1300cc Yamaha Venture or a 750cc older Yamaha motorcycle, it doesn’t matter. You’re able to convert virtually any Yamaha motorcycle into a bonafide Yamaha Trike with the right equipment, tools and know-how. Read more

Lehman Trikes

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Lehman Trike
John Lehman and a few of his friends built John’s wife a trike in his garage. Their goal was simple: to take an old motorcycle and transform it into something that Linda was comfortable to ride. The men took a Chevrolet Vega differential and a metal body and put it onto a 1981 Honda CB99 Custom motorcycle. Read more

VW Trikes

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VW Trike
One of the most popular type of three wheeler is the VW Trike. It’s relatively simple to take a VW beetle and transform it into a trike. Thanks to the VW’s rear engine, the building is easy and the very reliable air cooled motor makes the mechanics simple. In order to build a VW trike, you of course, will need a VW bug or Beetle car, a front end of a motorcycle and steel to build the frame that connects the two parts. A little skill and mechanical know-how is also required. Read more