Champion Trikes

April 18, 2009 by admin 

Champion Trike
Champion Trikes is a leader in the manufacturing of trike conversion kits. Champion Trikes offers conversion kits for Harley Davidson, Honda and Yamaha motorcycles.

A Champion Trikes Harley-Davidson conversion kit is available for the Harley-Davidson FL and the Harley-Davidson Softail. Standard features include high performance independent front and rear disc brake systems which increase your safety when braking in turns. The Champion designed “Easy Install” rear end is standard with the kit as is is a custom-made differential. The kit also includes a reinforced fiberglass body plus storage compartments above the rear wheels and an extra large trunk to hold your gear. To preserve the FHL and Softail styling, OEM tail and signal lights come with the kit.

For the Honda Champion conversions, there are several models to choose from and they include: the Honda GL 1500, Honda GL 1800, Honda VTX 1300 and the Honda VTX 1800. Standard with all of the Honda conversions available by Champion you get the same great reinforced fiberglass body construction and the storage space, as well as the OEM tail and signal lights to preserve the styling of the particular Honda model.

Champion Trikes manufactures and sells a conversion kit for the Yamaha Road Star also and you’ll receive a reinforced fiberglass body, the shocks, a ‘Zero-Flex’ swing arm, and again, all the hardware and very detailed instructions you’ll need to make the conversion.

When you purchase a Champion Trikes conversion kit, you will be provided with all the mounting hardware, mufflers, OEM adjustable shocks, swing arm, high performance disc brakes and lighting. Also included is all of the electrical components already factory installed. The wheels(if included with the particular kit) come mounted and balanced.

A Champion Trike conversion kit is the perfect way to transform your already great motorcycle into a thrilling new ride. You’ll receive outstanding engineering, unbelievable comfort and best of all, the confidence and safety of rolling down the highway with two wheels behind you instead of just one.