Boss Hoss Trikes

June 14, 2009 by admin 

Boss Hoss Trikes
Boss Hoss is a motorcycle company that is based in Tennessee that stands out of the crowd by making motorcycles and trikes with General Motors V8 engines and semi-automatic transmissions.

The Boss Hoss trikes are unique in that they put off minimal vibration and because of the power and size. The Boss Hoss trikes, with the tall gears of the semi-automatic transmission and the big mass are virtually vibration free.

Boss Hoss trikes are fitted with a reverse as well as either a small or a big block V8 engine. Boss Hoss began selling trike kits when the company got off the ground in 1990, requiring the customer to add his own engine and finishing touches to the frames and other equipment the company shipped. In 1996, Boss Hoss began to manufacture the trikes in their factory and ceased with selling kits. The Boss Hoss trikes had rear ends that looked like a Chevrolet Corvette, a 57 Chevy or a 32 Low-boy hot rod, or other very distinctive and popular cars. The Corvette rear end was discontinued after a few years and was replaced with a 2000 Sierra truck rear end. Starting in 2006, the Boss Hoss trikes have a three speed transmission. Today the trikes feature a smooth shifting Turbo 350 hydromatic transmission with reverse and park. There is ample storage room on the Boss Hoss trikes.

Boss Hoss also produces the Advantage Trike which is the very first wheelchair accessible trike that is tailored to the needs of the disabled rider. Theses trikes include a wheelchair lift built right into the chassis that is hidden by the trike body. The controls of the trike are all hand operated for individuals who do not have the use of their legs.

Boss Hoss trikes have a miniumum of 355 horsepower. The 2008 models and higher feature electronic fuel injection and have a catalytic exhaust system that meets EPA and CARB emission standards. You can get an optional Air Ride suspension system that is produced by Legend Air Suspension on the Boss Hoss trikes. Standard on the trikes is the Brembo rear disc brake system.