Chopper Trikes

April 18, 2009 by admin 

Chopper Trikes
We’ve all seen the trikes on the roads. You know, the motorcycles with the two back wheels that turn our heads as they whiz by us on the expressway. The trike is a stylish cruiser with a lot of class, and it provides you and your passenger a very relaxed and laid back ride, through every gear up to top speed.

A trike is agile and not too heavy and maintains great balance.

If you own a chopper-style motorcycle, and want a trike, you can purchase a trike kit that will covert your motorcycle into a chopper trike within one day. Some of the kits available to transform your chopper into a trike involve no cutting or welding, it is basically a ‘bolt-on’ conversion that requires no modifications. Other kits do require a bit of cutting and welding, so you just have to do a bit of research to find the conversion kit you’re comfortable with.

Modifying choppers into trikes are becoming very mainstream and popular. There are countless trike clubs around the world and many larger cities have trike shows.

Many motorcycle owners don’t feel as comfortable on their choppers anymore, and have sadly left the cycles sit in the garage. A trike chopper brings a whole new life to your chopper and you’ll be much more comfortable, confident and safer on the trike chopper.

Conversion kits are available to buy as mentioned, but if you don’t feel comfortable making the conversion yourself, you can have a custom shop transform your chopper into a trike, for a fee, of course.

Another great thing about a trike conversion is that the sky’s the limit. You can have your chopper ‘Triked’ in a countless number of ways.

A chopper trike looks super cool and it’s a blast to drive. There are many dealers across the United States who both sell chopper trikes and/or sell the conversion kits.