Harley Davidson Trikes

April 5, 2009 by admin 

Harley Trike
Are you a Harley Davidson groupie and love anything Harley Davidson makes on two wheels? Would you love to own a Harley but are not sure if it’s going to be ‘too much’ motorcycle for you to handle?

Well Harley fans, admirers, aficionados or just the curious-how about a Harley Davidson trike?

As you may know, a trike is a three-wheeled motorcycle. We’ve probably all seen them on the roads and highways..the motorcycle zooming past you and on that second glance you see that it has two rear wheels! What was that? It looked like a motorcycle but with three wheels.

Yep. That’s a Trike. Trikes are cool and trikes are a whole lot of fun to drive too! They are much easier to learn to drive then a regular motorcycle, they’re much more comfortable for you and your passenger, and you’ll wide-ranging flexibility with accessorizing it. You don’t have to worry about having several hundred pounds of weight to balance, so you’re more relaxed when you drive a trike which just adds to the fun of being a ‘tricker’.

You can purchase a conversion kit to transform the two-wheeled Harley you own now, or pay someone to convert your bike for you.

Or, why not just buy a Harley Davidson Trike all ready to roll? That’s possible too!

Harley Davidson Trikes For Sale

Harley Davidson introduced it’s very own three wheeler last summer, the Tri Glide. This 2009 Tri Glide Ultra Classic, as it’s called, features a Twin Cam 103 V-Twin engine and a 6 speed Cruise Drive transmission. An optional electric reverse gear is possible with the Tri Glide. You get dual front disc brakes and dual disc rear brakes. You can pick up the Tri Glide at authorized Harley Davidson dealers for the base MSRP of $29,000.

It’s never too late to own a Harley or experience that feeling you get when you are sitting on a Harley Davidson. You can buy a brand new Harley Davidson Trike and let the wind blow your hair back as you whiz along, free as a bird.