Honda Gold Wing Trikes

April 5, 2009 by admin 

Gold Wing trike
The Honda Gold Wing’s debut to the world was at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in the fall of 1974. The flat-four cylinder 999cc GL1000 Gold Wing was being released to the world for the 1975 model year. The motorcycle world was turned on end when it took its place on the global stage because the GL1000 did not fit into any one motorcycle class, although it was cast as a tourer.

The GL1000 weighed 584 pounds and was considerably much too heavy to be called a sports motorcycle and it lacked any type of a touring kit such as saddlebags or a trunk. Honda seemed focused on the performance only of this big bike and not concerned with whether or not it was a ‘proper’ touring bike or not. All of the major motorcycle manufacturers were scrambling to develop many models in the 1970s as it was the biggest ‘boom time’ for motorcycles ever.

In spite of the confusion over the Gold Wing’s role, the GL1000 was a very reliable motorcycle and could go for very long distances. It gained popularity quickly and it’s owners transformed the model into a touring machine. The folks at Honda were at the big motorcycle rallies in those days and distributed questionnaires, so by 1977 the Gold Wing was fitted with higher handlebars, a dual contoured seat and chrome on the header pipes and on the engine mounting brackets, greatly pleasing the Gold Wing trike enthusiasts.

Honda continued to ‘tweak’ the Gold Wing through the rest of the 1970s and by 1980, they finally got it right. It was the first Japanese mass produced motorcycle came off the production lines fully dressed out as a proper touring motorcycle. The Interstate model had full fairing, a trunk and panniers. The big 1085cc engine ran smoother and the suspension was air assisted which greatly improved the handling and comfort of the monster cycle.

Honda Gold Wing Trikes For Sale

The typical Gold Wing riders were the people over 35, and were typically able to afford a few luxuries. Honda knew this and very soon Gold Wing owners could purchase a wide range of accessories for the Gold Wing. It was very clear that the Gold Wing was here to stay and was considered, and still is, the ultimate touring motorcycle.

Now we have a picture of the emergence of the world famous Honda Gold Wing and how it has it’s foot firmly and permanently planted as THE touring machine. It’s very likely that you’ve been in traffic and have seen a Honda Gold Wing trike pass you and it sported three wheels – two in the back and one in front. We’ve turned our heads to take another look at this unusual looking motorcycle.

What it is that you witnessed is what’s called a trike. It’s a motorcycle that has been converted into a three wheeled vehicle, that handles and rides much differently then its two wheeled counterpart. They provide more stability and comfort and are easier to learn to ride then a two-wheeled motorcycle. Honda itself does not manufacture a Gold Wing trike. The conversion kit must be purchased and installed on the Gold Wing, and the costs vary depending on what accessories you want. There are companies that do the Gold Wing conversions for a starting price of around 6-$7,000 dollars, although prices do vary widely. You have the option of either having your Gold Wing converted or you can purchase an already converted Gold Wing trike.

Today, for example, you can buy a complete new 2009 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Trike for around $25,000.

Trikes are gaining in popularity as new ‘trikers’ find them better for carrying passengers, they have more storage space, and well, they’re really fun to drive!