Trike Conversion Kits

April 5, 2009 by admin 

Trike Kit
If you own a motorcycle and want to convert it into a three-wheeled trike, you can purchase a trike conversion kit from a service center that specializes in trike conversions.

An experienced service center can offer a conversion kit that is designed to fit virtually any motorcycle. A basic price of around $5000 can usually get you a very basic trike conversion kit that you mount onto your motorcycle with a belly bracket that fits onto the middle of the cycle’s frame and two rear wheel axle brackets.

Trike conversion kits vary wildly. You can order a conversion kit that comes with flat fenders or rounded and rolled fenders. Maybe you don’t want any fenders at all. Your trike kit can integrate a wide back seat with a comfortable back rest built right in, or maybe you don’t want anything but a set of wide tires and an axle behind you, with a bit of flashy chrome trim thrown in for looks. The choice is totally up to you. Some trike conversion specialists give you a choice from a selection of trike kits that they specialize in. It’s up to you to find the right dealer that matches what you’d want in a custom trike.

Trike Conversion Kits For Sale

Trike conversion kits can be purchased online and delivered to you if you choose to do your own conversion. A typical conversion kit includes an axle, swing arm, tension kit, brake line kit and fenders as the basis. If you’re handy and can follow directions, you can make the transformation yourself.