Lehman Trikes

April 5, 2009 by admin 

Lehman Trike
John Lehman and a few of his friends built John’s wife a trike in his garage. Their goal was simple: to take an old motorcycle and transform it into something that Linda was comfortable to ride. The men took a Chevrolet Vega differential and a metal body and put it onto a 1981 Honda CB99 Custom motorcycle.

Little did he know at the time that he was well on the road to being THE name in the trike legacy. The three-wheeled concept gained quick popularity that spread like wildfire, and soon Lehman Industries was formed. They began the production of trike conversions using fiberglass parts from such things as canoes, windshield visors and truck sleepers.

As John and his crew started attending motorcycle events, the word spread even more quickly and orders were placed.

Today Lehman Trikes has created an entire industry of three-wheeled motorcycles in North America. Lehman Trikes has two factory locations with the home factory being in Westlock, Alberta, Canada. The second plant which opened in 2004 is located in Spearfish, South Dakota.

Lehman is a recognized name in the trike world and John and his wife Linda are a big part of the motorcycle world, as they attend most of the major motorcycle events.

There are factory-authorized Lehman Trike dealers across North America that offer trike conversions for many major motorcycle brands such as Harley Davidson, Honda and Suzuki. These dealers can convert your two wheeled motorcycle into a Trike and they can also locate a motorcycle for your conversion project or even provide you with a complete factory-built Lehman Trike.

Trikes are gaining in popularity every year. Many people that have never owned or driven a motorcycle before but who would like to, find that a trike gives them just what they’ve always wanted-a motorcycle in all respects of the word, but with the added wheel which provides the freedom from worrying about having to balance the machine. Trikes are also much easier to learn to drive compared to a conventional motorcycle.

So, the next time you see a Trike buzz by, remember that it was all possible thanks to John Lehman and his wife Linda.