Suzuki Trikes

April 5, 2009 by admin 

Sukuzi Trike
Do you have an older model Suzuki Intruder sitting in the garage that you haven’t climbed on in a couple of years? Or maybe you have an newer Suzuki motorcycle and you’re at the point in your life that you’re just not as comfortable as you used to be a few years ago when you rode.

There is something you can do that will make you excited about your Suzuki again. You can convert it into a Suzuki Trike!

A Suzuki Trike is nothing more than an conventional Suzuki motorcycle that has been transformed into an attention-grabbing, stable and comfortable three-wheeled vehicle. Trikes have been around for many years, but they are really getting popular and that popularity is growing all the time. What makes a trike so attractive? You’d really need to experience riding on or driving a trike to fully appreciate the benefits.

First of all, it is very easy for a beginner to learn how to ride a trike. Learning to balance a heavy motorcycle is not the easiest thing, and making the turns and learning how to lean with the bike takes time to master. Not to mention the fact that if you lose your balance and cannot get both your feet on the ground quickly enough, you could tip the big beast completely over and dump it on the ground. It’s not easy or even impossible for some people, to lift a 500 pound machine off the payment.

Suzuki Trikes For Sale

If you convert your heavy Suzuki into a stable, three-wheeled trike, those worries fly right out the window. Turning the trike and maneuvering it in traffic is quite the same as driving a car. It is not easy to tip over a trike, as the back wheels are spaced widely enough to keep all three wheels firmly on the ground.

Dust off that Suzuki of yours and find your nearest trike converter service. You’ll love driving your Suzuki Trike. Be prepared for stares, waves and lots of smiles!