Can-Am Spyder Trikes

June 14, 2009 by admin 

Can-Am Spyder
Companies everywhere are trying to invent or reinvent the transportation industry. Cam-Am is attempting to change the way the world views the open-road riding experience with the Spyder Roadster.

The three wheeled Cam-Am Spyder Trike has gotten lots of attention and has been the focus of a lot of debate in the industry regarding the purpose of this three-wheeled motorcycle. The Spyder Trike has two wheels in the front and a single wheel in the back. Behind this innovative invention is the famous manufacturer, Bombardier Recreational Products, the parent company of Ski Doo Sea Doo, Cam-Am , Rotax and others. It should not be surprising that the designers who invented everything from snowmobiles to watercraft would come up with something as innovative as the Spyder. Cam-Am is excited and believes that this vehicle will gain popularity among a whole new group of consumers who want to enjoy motorcycling in a new way.

The two front wheels are attached to the frame by a pair of double A-arms and an anti-roll bar. The Cam-Am Spyder features a 990 cc V-Twin engine which provides the platform for the Y design of this unique vehicle. One of the most striking features of the Spyder is a set of specially designed 165/65R14 tires that are mounted to three or four-spoked aluminum wheels. This mass of rubber up front makes for great cornering traction. For braking, there is a pair of 260mm rotors, one on each wheel, that work with two 4-piston calipers to slow down the Spyder. These are an integral part of the stability system. A very long steel swingarm and monoshock hold the wide 225/50R15 rear tire that matches the two wheels up front.

The braking system on the Cam-Am Spyder is linked to a brake pedal on the right side of the Spyder, and there is no front brake lever.

The big 2 into 1 exhaust system quiets down the engine and the 5 speed gearbox is available in a manual or an electronic shift. To get the Spyder to roll backwards is very similar to putting a snowmobile in reverse. Just flip a switch and engage the transmission.

With its attention-grabbing bodywork that is available in Moon Silver or Millennium Yellow, the Spyder attracts stares. The Spyder soaks up rough roads well and the plush seat is very comfortable. Under the seat is the gas tank.

Riding the Spyder gives you a similar feeling that you get when riding a sport quad on asphalt. The Spyder is fitted with a Vehicle Stability System and Stability Control System so that it will not tip over in turns.

The dashboard offers an analog tach and speedometer and an LCD screen with info on fuel, temp, gear position, air temp, clock and digital speedometer. The twist throttle, on/off and starter button are on the right. The Spyder has mirrors with integrated turn signals. The backseat is spacious and with the optional back rest, will make a passenger very comfortable.