VW Trikes

April 5, 2009 by admin 

VW Trike
One of the most popular type of three wheeler is the VW Trike. It’s relatively simple to take a VW beetle and transform it into a trike. Thanks to the VW’s rear engine, the building is easy and the very reliable air cooled motor makes the mechanics simple. In order to build a VW trike, you of course, will need a VW bug or Beetle car, a front end of a motorcycle and steel to build the frame that connects the two parts. A little skill and mechanical know-how is also required.

VW Trikes have most of the weight on the back end, so they are more than capable of towing a trailer or even a small pop-up camper.

The VW suspension offer an excellent and smooth ride and well as great handling and safety. VW Trikes are really quite difficult to roll by mistake.

There is no limit as to how creative you can get when you create your own VW Trike. Get creative and put extra wide fenders on your VW Trike that will stop on-looker dead in their tracks. Take some fiberglass and enclose the entire back end, throw in a wide seat, and you can take your friends along for the ride of their lives!

Nearly all VW Trikes have a chopper looking design with the longer front fork that makes this type of trike so unique. VW Trikes look really cool and are a blast to drive. It’s very easy to do wheel stands with the VW Trikes, due to the rear weight.

VW Trikes have been around for a long time and these days you can have your very own VW Trike built for you from specialists that only do one thing-they build VW Trikes. You can choose from, for example, a basic model with a 300 horsepower engine or a wicked 650 horse-powered mean machine that’s as cool looking as anything on three wheels could ever be.

VW Trikes are cool, not too hard to build yourself, and will undoubtedly, be seen on our roads and highways for many years to come.